InMotion Hosting Review: Is Fast & Reliable Web Hosting Provider?

InMotion Hosting Review: Is Fast & Reliable Web Hosting Provider?

A leading web hosting provider is InMotion Hosting. InMotion has been committed to its philosophy for over 20 years: a true drive to see people succeed.

It offers several hosting plans to meet the needs of both businesses and individuals. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting are all available. Each hosting plan is designed to provide high-quality performance and reliability.

inmotion hosting review - Pricing and Plans of Hosting
Pricing and Plans of Hosting
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Did you know InMotion Hosting is more than just a web hosting provider? Well, they are also gurus in time travel!

No, not really. Yet, they do offer something that can transport you back to the early days of the internet. The Vintage Hosting plan is ideal for people who want to relive the glory days of the web.

The Hosting gives you access to an old-school cPanel interface that will take you back to the 90s. You may even select from a variety of retro website layouts to make your site appear to be from the days of Geocities and AOL.

But, the Classic Hosting plan still contains all of the modern features you need to build a successful website, such as unlimited bandwidth and storage, free SSL certificates, and 24/7 customer support.

So why settle for boring old web hosting when InMotion Hosting’s Vintage Hosting can transport you back in time? Who knows, you might start missing the sound of dial-up internet and the days of Netscape Navigator.

About InMotion Hosting
Awards of InMotion Hosting

About InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is an award-winning hosting company that offers web hosting services all around the world. With over 170,000 customers, their purpose is to make tools, platforms, and exceptional customer service available to anyone looking to enhance their online presence. They have built our basis on 24/7/365 US-based customer assistance and open-source technologies since 2001.


  • Fast and Reliable: With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, InMotion Hosting provides fast and trustworthy hosting services that ensure your website is always up and operating. 
  • Excellent Customer Support: InMotion Hosting offers phone, chat, and email support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their support service is competent and responsive.
  • Free SSL and Premium Security: InMotion Hosting provides free SSL certificates to all customers, making sure that your website is secure and protected against hacking attempts.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: InMotion Hosting provides an industry-leading 90-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to experiment with their hosting services risk-free. 


  • Limited Data Centers: InMotion Hosting has only two data centers, both of which are located in the United States. This can be a drawback if your website’s intended audience is situated in another country, as it may result in slower page times.
  • Not the cheap: While InMotion Hosting plans are reasonably priced, but they are not the lowest on the market.
  • Limited Storage: InMotion Hosting’s entry-level plans include limited storage, which may not be enough for enterprises with large websites or people that need a lot of storage space.

Overall, InMotion Hosting is a top choice for businesses due to its quick and reliable hosting services, outstanding customer care, and free SSL and premium security. But some users may find their limited data centers and storage to be limiting.

Pricing and Plans of inmotionhosting

InMotion, a trusted leader in the web hosting industry, provides a wide range of hosting solutions for businesses of all kinds. InMotion offers everything from shared hosting for small enterprises to dedicated hosting for large sites and custom installations.

Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting are all available from InMotion Hosting. Here’s an overview of their pricing and packages:

Shared Hosting: 

A cost-effective option for small businesses that are just starting. InMotion Hosting’s shared hosting plans offer fast loading speeds and unlimited bandwidth. This is perfect for businesses that do not expect a high volume of traffic on their website.

InMotion Hosting offers four shared hosting plans Core, Launch, Power, and Pro. The Core plan costs $2.99 per month. Launch and Power plans cost the same $4.99 per month. We prefer the Power plan. 

The Pro plan costs $12.99 per month and includes a variety of features. All options except Core include a free domain name. All have unlimited storage space, and unlimited bandwidth though.

inmotion hosting review - Shared Hosting
inmotion hosting review – Shared Hosting

Core $2.29/mo (Free SSL – 2 Websites – 100GB SSD – Unlimited Bandwidth)

Launch $4.99/mo (Free domain & SSL – Unlimited Websites – 6x UltraStack)

Power $4.99/mo (Free domain & SSL – Unlimited Websites – 12x UltraStack)

Pro $12.99/mo (Free domain & SSL – Unlimited Websites -20x UltraStack)

See Complete Pricing

WordPress Hosting: 

If you’re running a WordPress site, InMotion Hosting offers two hosting options that are specifically designed for WordPress sites. The WordPress hosting plan with cPanel includes shared hosting with cPanel, a popular web hosting control panel.

The managed WordPress hosting package includes a scalable VPS platform as well as premium site options such as automated updates and backups.

inmotion hosting review - WordPress Hosting
inmotion hosting review – WordPress Hosting

Server Level 4 $20/mo (1 vCPU – 3GB RAM – 75GB NVMe SSD  – 3TB Bandwidth – 15 PHP Workers)

Server Level 5 $30/mo (2 vCPU – 4GB RAM – 100GB NVMe SSD  – 4TB Bandwidth – 20 PHP Workers)

Server Level 6 $60/mo (3 vCPU – 6GB RAM – 120GB NVMe SSD  – Unlimited Bandwidth – 40 PHP Workers)

Server Level 7 $80/mo (4 vCPU – 8GB RAM – 150GB NVMe SSD  – Unlimited Bandwidth – 60 PHP Workers)

See Complete Pricing

VPS Hosting: 

For businesses that expect higher traffic to their website, It may be a better option. The VPS hosting plans from InMotion Hosting provide dedicated resources, which means that your website will not be affected by other websites on the same server. This is a great alternative for businesses that need more control over their hosting environment.

Four VPS hosting plans are available from InMotion Hosting: VPS 4GB RAM, VPS 8GB RAM, VPS 12GB RAM, and VPS 16GB RAM. All options come with a free domain name, an SSL certificate, and four hours of startup assistance.

inmotion hosting review - VPS Hosting
inmotion hosting review – VPS Hosting

VPS 4GB RAM $9.99/mo (1 vCPU – 3GB RAM – 75GB NVMe SSD  – 3TB Bandwidth)

VPS 8GB RAM $24.99/mo (4 vCPU – 8GB RAM – 150GB NVMe SSD  – Unlimited Bandwidth)

VPS 12GB RAM $34.99/mo (6 vCPU – 12GB RAM – 210GB NVMe SSD  – Unlimited Bandwidth)

VPS 16GB RAM $44.99/mo (8 vCPU – 16GB RAM – 360GB NVMe SSD  – Unlimited Bandwidth)

See Complete Pricing

Dedicated Hosting: 

The most powerful hosting option available from InMotion Hosting. You will have access to your server with this plan, allowing you to fully configure it to your needs. This is an excellent choice for companies that demand a high level of power and flexibility in their hosting environment.

InMotion Hosting provides four dedicated hosting plans: Aspire, Essential, Advanced, and Elite. The Aspire plan is $89.99 per month, the Essential plan is $139.99 per month, the Advanced plan costs $189.99 per month, and the Elite plan costs $259.99 per month. Every package comes with a free domain name, a free SSL certificate, and 5 hours of launch assistance.

inmotion hosting review - DedicatedHosting
inmotion hosting review – Dedicated Hosting

It’s crucial to remember that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the length of the subscription and any current specials.

Aspire $89.99/mo (16GB DDR3 RAM – 1TB SSD – Intel® Xeon® E3-1246 v3 – 4 Core / 8 Thread – 10TB/mo Bandwidth)

Essential $139.99/mo (32GB DDR3 RAM – 2TB SSD – Intel® Xeon® E-2134 – 4 Core / 8 Thread – 1 Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth)

Advanced $189.99/mo (64GB DDR3 RAM -2x1TB SSD – Intel® Xeon® E-2136 – 6 Core / 12 Thread – 1 Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth)

Elite $259.99/mo (128GB DDR3 RAM -2x2TB SSD – Intel® Xeon® E-2388G – 8 Core / 16 Thread – 1 Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth)

See Complete Pricing

With Hosting Services Offered

But that’s not all; InMotion Hosting also provides professional email addresses, data backup, website builder, eCommerce hosting, PCI compliance, and reseller web hosting options. You may also be confident that you’re receiving the most value for your money thanks to their industry-leading money-back guarantee.

  • Domain Name Registration: InMotion Hosting offers a range of plans to suit your needs and budget, with options to transfer an existing domain to us for free or get a free domain name credit when you sign up for one of our hosting plans.
  • Professional Email Address: InMotion Hosting will assign you a professional email address that matches your domain name. This offers your company a more professional appearance and makes it easier for customers to communicate with you.
  • Data Backup: To ensure that your website data is always safe and secure, InMotion Hosting provides free data backups. Every 24-36 hours, the company backs up your data, allowing you to easily retrieve your data in the event of an unintentional data loss or device malfunction.
  • Website Security & Free SSL: To safeguard your website from malware and hacking attempts, InMotion Hosting offers premium website security features as well as a free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate also protects the safety and security of your website for online transactions.
  • Website Builder: InMotion Hosting provides a website builder that allows you to design a professional website without knowing any coding. The website builder includes pre-designed themes, drag-and-drop capabilities, and user-friendly features.
  • eCommerce Website Hosting: For online shops, InMotion Hosting offers special eCommerce hosting solutions. They offer tools like shopping cart integration, payment gateway integration, and SSL certification to ensure your consumers have a safe online buying experience.
  • PCI Compliance: For organizations that require payment processing, InMotion Hosting provides PCI-compliant hosting options. This assures that your website complies with the security standards required for online payment processing.
  • Reseller Web Hosting Solutions: InMotion Hosting offers reseller hosting solutions for businesses who want to sell back web hosting services to their customers. They offer white-label branding, customizable plans, and a simple control panel to help you manage your clientele.
inmotion hosting review - Testimonial
inmotion hosting review – Testimonial

Features and Benefits

InMotion Hosting offers a variety of products and benefits to its customers. These are a few highlights:

  • 24/7/365 Customer Support: InMotion Hosting has a staff of professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To assist you with any technical issues you may encounter. You can get in touch with them through phone, chat, or email.
  • Safety and security: InMotion Hosting is concerned about the security of its client’s websites. They provide free SSL certificates, premium malware, hack protection, and DDoS protection. To ensure the safety and security of your website.
  • Quick and Reliable: InMotion Hosting uses pro-grade power with increased speed and 99.99% uptime, ensuring that your website runs swiftly and remains online at all times.

Money-Back Guarantee: InMotion Hosting provides an industry-leading money-back guarantee of 90 days. If you are unhappy with their service, you can request a complete refund within the first 90 days of joining.

Trust your website to an Industry Leader in Website Hosting: InMotion Hosting has been in the web hosting business for over 20 years and has received various accolades for its services. You can rely on them to give you the greatest hosting experience possible.


Whether you’re just getting started with a small website or running a huge enterprise site, InMotion Hosting offers a hosting package for you. They provide a variety of features and perks that make them an excellent alternative for anyone seeking dependable web hosting services.


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